A beauty treatment in which hair is removed from someone’s body by covering it in a thin layer of warm wax that is then pulled off.

Waxing is a type of hair removal that uses warmed wax and swift action to remove hair from the hair follicle. If you wax at home, you have two varieties of wax kits to choose from. The more complicated kits include a jar of wax, wooden wax sticks to apply the wax, and disposable or cloth strips. For less fuss, you can choose the packages that simply include ready to apply wax strips. If you’re waxing for the first time, or you’d like to avoid the task of keeping a jar of wax at the perfect temperature, try the wax strips because they’re easy to use, and the clean-up is fast.

Waxing is suitable for all areas of the body, even to remove those stubborn long ear and nose hairs!

Although waxing can be slightly uncomfortable because hair is being pulled out by the root, improper technique also contributes to discomfort. For example, when we wax our own legs, we know it’s going to sting which causes hesitation, and that hesitation means we remove the waxing strip more slowly—increasing our discomfort. If waxing yourself sounds too uncomfortable, visit one of our relaxing spas for a professional waxing experience with quick and effective results.

When to avoid waxing

Although waxing is a low-risk hair removal treatment, there are times to avoid it. Avoid waxing any areas where you have rosacea, rashes, a sunburn, or irritated skin, or are using Retin-A or alpha hydroxy acid topically or taking Accutane. You may also want to avoid waxing any area on top of or around spider veins as waxing may exacerbate them.

As with shaving and tweezing, there’s some risk of hair follicle inflammation—also known as folliculitis. If you’re prone to folliculitis, take special care after waxing; use a cold compress on the affected areas, wear loose-fitting clothes and don’t get sweaty for 24 hours as sweat can irritate recently waxed skin.

And finally, if you’re at a salon and see double-dipping into the jar of wax, leave immediately and come see us instead! We take hygiene seriously which means we use disposable sheets and waxing strips, we disinfect the table and tools after each client, and we never double-dip into the wax.

Now that you know the risks, it’s time to learn the benefits of this hair removal beauty treatment.

The benefits of waxing are:

  • Smooth skin for weeks – Depending on your hair growth and how frequently you wax, one waxing session can keep you silky smooth for three to six weeks.
  • Fast appointments – A professional waxing treatment generally takes between 15 and 45 minutes, depending on what areas are being waxed.
  • Affordable sessions – Unlike some hair removal options, waxing gives you terrific results without breaking the bank.
  • Practical self-care – When you visit us, hair removal feels like self-care in our relaxing and luxurious spa environment.

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